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The Heritage Puppy-Process


Goldendoodles are the perfect breed for families - especially for families with children. This breed incorporates the intelligence and trainability of Poodle's and the loyalty & non-aggressive temperament of Golden Retrievers. They make great pets for those with mild and even severe allergies.

There are a few kinds of Goldendoodles'; here's a quick guide:

F1- Cross of Poodle & Golden Retriever.

The F1 will have a wavy coat with little to no shedding.

F1B- Cross of Goldendoodle back to Poodle.

The F1B will have a curly, wavy coat that is non-shedding. They are a good choice for people with above normal allergies in the family.

F1BB- Cross of Goldendoodle back to Poodle.

This generation is 85% poodle which makes them the absolute most hypo-allergenic. The F1BB will have the higher success rate for non-shedding and are recommended for families with severe allergies.


We care more than anything about getting you the right dog for your life. A companion that can see you through the best of times and someone you treat like family. At Heritage, we raise the pups to be sociable and eager to learn as soon as you get them home. In addition, we have a Facebook group for all current, past and future owners - where you can update about how your pup is doing. 

We want to build a sense of community, because being a part of Heritage means you're a part of something that's more than just dogs - it's family.


Interested in being a guardian home family? Please contact us for more information.  We would love to speak with you regarding our guardian home option.  

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